Track 05: Periodontology of Dental Practice 2018

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the scientific study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the surrounding tissues (Gum, Alveolar mucosa, periodontal ligament, etc.) of teeth. There are various roles played by periodontium like: they resist and optimize the forces generated by speech, mastication and swallowing; adjust the structural changes associated with age and external environment by continuous regeneration and remodeling. Periodontology deals with diseases which can be classified into gingivitis and chronic periodontitis. The common symptoms of gingivitis are redness, edema and bleeding. Chronic periodontitis can cause inflammation and bone loss. These diseases can be treated with periodontal therapy which includes oral hygiene, scaling and root planning and with the usage of antimicrobials.

Sub Tracks:Chronic periodontitis                             Gum graft and Peri-Implantitis                             Antibiotics and antiseptics in periodontal therapy


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